Life Coaching’s for you  … if

• you want to create more personal fulfilment and self-confidence

• you’re stuck or don’t know what you want exactly

• you don’t feel entitled to be here or grounded in your purpose

• you’re ready to thrive rather than just get through life

• want to create a life that you feel great about living

• ready to get back into the driving seat of your life

What is Life Coaching ?

• A Life Coaching course is a series of conversations and exercises designed to take you from where you’re at, to where you want to be

• Sessions are held online over video Skype calls

• I offer a personal approach, and I customize what we work on accordingly to suite your specific needs

• Tools and resource strategies are used to make lasting changes easy to implement and stick with going forward

• A consult is necessary to check we’re a good match working together

A Metaphor :

Ever stood in front of your wardrobe in despair, wondering what to wear, or not liking what you see? I liken the coaching process to a ‘wardrobe makeover’ for the mind. It goes like this:

1) Assess where you are at – stock take
Coaching is like having someone hold a mirror up for you, as you stand back and decide whether you are happy with your current choices ‘clothes’ available to you

2) Remove the rubbish – let’s spring clean
We get rid of old thought patterns and emotional baggage that is outdated and no longer serving you, (almost like a software update)

3) Design your dream life – write the shop list
We clarify exactly what it is you really want, ‘we make a shop list’

4) Implement improvements – shopping time
Then we intentionally select the ‘new clothes’ (thoughts/ habits/ actions) that are going to fit and suite you perfectly, and achieve the results you want to see!

The Magic Bit

Our subconscious thought patterns run along pathways, and just like a river course starts from a trickle of water flowing, so too our thought patterns naturally keep running along the same lines. Research has proven are brains are malleable, flexible enough that new pathways can be formed. Obstacles can be overcome and necessary changes can be made. Growth is not necessarily linear in form. Professional sports players and successful executives know the value of working with a coach to help them perform at their best, as coaches pick up on blind spots they aren’t seeing. It’s easy to start believing that what we see is all there is. Where if you have looked at an optical illusion, you will know, sometimes appearance isn’t reality.  And the magic bit happens when we tap into our subconscious minds, and as you change the way you think, the way you think will change, and profound shifts start happening in the world around us.

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