• I believe now that you have to be 100% happy with yourself and love yourself before you can give or love anyone else. I would recommend this program as I feel that some of the mind set changes I've learnt, will definitely assist me in all my relationships, especially the relationship with myself. I loved working with Sam because she instantly put me at ease and throughout our sessions I never felt pitied or judged. Sam shoots straight from the hip, which I really appreciated.

    Sally-Anne Lee
    Sally-Anne Lee Home Executive
  • What I liked best about this program was its logical approach to my main issue which I have been having anxiety and sleepless nights over. I have found some inner peace. I have new mental tools to use now in my everyday life. Sam has a very logical and practical way at looking at life, and my issues. She gave me fresh perspective on my issue I have been having, and life in general. Within 15min of sitting with her, I felt an inner calmness I have not felt in quite some time.

    Linda Rudolph
    Linda Rudolph Web Developer
  • For as long as I can remember I suffered from a lack of self confidence and self belief which had an effect on my perception of my worth and intellectual capacity! I wouldn't be able to commit to any projects and complete any major tasks for fear of failure and rejection. But with Sam's guidance and techniques, I realised that I am capable and that I am valued and loved! I have the means and processes with which to take up challenges regardless of the outcome and manage my anxieties!

    Alex Felgar
    Alex Felgar Fund Manager
  • I’ve successfully adopted acceptance strategies which have dramatically lowered my anxiety and in turn helped me to make non-fear based decisions for my life. I’m also taking better care of myself, and in turn those around me are being treated better. Sam has a firm yet personal approach. She brings the answer up out of me and guides me to the facts of what I’m feeling, and why, and what to do about it.

    Jennifer Van Wyngaardt
    Jennifer Van Wyngaardt Function Planner
  • I gained focus and clarity with regards to my career goals as well as find a healthy balance between working and maintaining a happy family life too. Sam showed me clear steps to building a plan of action so that those things became priorities rather than being added on to an already busy day. Sam is gentle in her approach and has a calming way about her. She’s inspired me to live my best life.

    Stacey Berkeley
    Stacey Berkeley Administrator
  • It was a scary thought to open up to Sam as I don’t often speak that openly to anyone. However Sam made this daunting task very easy. I eventually felt like I couldn’t stop talking.

    Yolandi Williams
    Yolandi Williams Self Employed
  • It was great looking at my life and then focusing on the areas I really wanted to improve.  As a result of me working with Sam, I have been able to become more organized and structured with my everyday life.

    Bianca Fourie
    Bianca Fourie Teambuilding Coordinator
  • I went into coaching with Sam unsure of what to expect but soon found through her fun and productive approach, new perspective on things that actually matter in my busy life. After the course I had a true sense of being more positive, which has helped me to become more relaxed. 

    Nadine Claasen
    Nadine Claasen Office Manager

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